Who is this

- And what is this place


Who am I?

I'm a self-educated developer with a burning passion for technology, and all the possibilities it brings us. An army veteran of 15 years, I currently work as a software developer. On my spare time, I love to tinker with all things tech related. I hunger for knowledge, and spend lots of time researching new topics, and trying new things. I have a deep love for the open web, and am in great debt to the internet, for enabling me to be where I am today.

Why that name?

The name Rikosjett (Norwegian for richochet) originates from my last tour in Afghanistan, where I created a documentary about our mission, that the members of my unit could bring back home to show their families. As a goof, I made up the fictional production company "Rikosjett Film", and the name kind of stuck with me, and became sort of a trademark of my creative endeavours. Now that I'm no longer in active service, I feel like it's a nice homage to a part of my life that has had great impact on who I am today.

Why this?

I have a deep love for learning, and pushing the artificial boundries, preventing us from reaching our full potential. The open web is an oasis of knowledge, and I would like this site to be another contribution to this. I hope you find some value here, and I would love to get feedback, if you have it. The easiest way to get hold of me is probably on Mastodon, LinkedIn, or Twitter.