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  • Minikube on Docker Desktop

    20 February 2019 | #Development

    Nabheet Madan has released a great blog series about using UI5 with Kubernetes, using Minikube. I've been tinkering with containers, and run docker on my home server. I've also been trying to get into Kubernetes, but have hit some hurdles every time. When Minikube came to my attention, I decided to try again.

  • Jekyll - websites in a new(old) way

    22 August 2015 | #Blogging#Development

    I've had websites, in one form or another, continuously since 1996. There has been a massive change in the ecosystem, since I started coding simples sites in Notepad. I've been through several tools, like Frontpage and Dreamweaver, and platforms like Drupal, Joomla, and of course Wordpress. But since I have to admit that my content production has been somewhat lacking, I've felt that these solutions might be overkill, primarily driven by curiosity. By accident, I stumbled across something that got my attention; something that would take my "content publication" back to basics. I found Jekyll.

  • Are your ready for some nostalgia? - Revisiting old friends with ScummVM

    19 April 2015 | #Retro gaming

    Raise your hand, everyone who remembers Monkey Island, Sam & Max - Hit the road, and Day of the Tentacle! Does it bring back memories? Would you wish to relive those old adventures again? Keep reading, because here comes a tip to bring the classics back!

  • 5 steps to custom firmware on you Asus RT-N66U

    6 April 2015 | #Home#Hardware

    "ASUS RT-N66U" is well-known for its reliability and performance, and is considered one of the best consumer routers on the market. However, if you find its software a bit limited, you can easily install third-party firmware to make it even better. And if you do everything right, you'll be up and running within 30 minutes.

  • Passwords and Internet - Keepass and browsers

    6 October 2014 | #Utilities#Security

    Throughout a day, most of us use several online services that require some form of login. Considering that a password should be unique and difficult to crack, this can quickly become a cumbersome affair. Does it have to be this way? This is often the reason why we choose shortcuts and easy solutions, which may not provide the necessary security we should desire. This is where KeePass can help us.

  • Password management with Keepass

    26 March 2014 | #Utilities#Security

    Most internet users are probably aware that they should create complex passwords for online services they use, even though there are also regularly articles telling us that we may not be very good at just that. The issue often is that some passwords, which we humans perceive as complicated, may not take long for a computer with the right tools to crack.

  • Stanford University CS106A Assignments

    10 May 2010 | #Development

    My solutions for the assignments of Stanford University's CS106A.

  • Nexus Player - Is it worth a try?

    25 May 2009 | #Home#Media

    Google recently launched the Nexus Player in Norway, and I didn't hesitate to order one when the opportunity arose. As a long-term user of Chromecast, I was curious whether it could address some of the weaknesses of that little dongle. Here's a brief first impression after just over a week's use.

  • Wireless music zones

    25 May 2009 | #Home#Media

    Who says that you have to buy a ready-made system to play your music throughout your home? Many have probably noticed systems like SONOS, and think it seems like a fantastic opportunity. But it is too simple to buy a ready-made system. Any nerd with self-respect looks at the opportunity to create something themselves. And I have done that. This is my setup for wireless music zones.